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Time to fess up. Outside of work there are loads of things I’d much rather do than read about SEO, like:

However, although the technical elements of SEO can be as dry as a sandpaper sandwich in the Sahara, some aspects of it are pretty cool and it can get some cracking results for your business.

So prepare for your socks to be blown off and blasted through the nearest window  ̶  here are five reasons SEO isn’t boring AF!

1.  SEO gives more bang for your buck

SEO takes time and patience (if you’re starting from scratch, roughly 3-6 months to see results and 9-12 months to really cement your presence), but it’s cheaper than PPC (pay-per-click) ads, and traditional off-line marketing methods like TV, radio and print. And while social media has its place, it could be argued that the type of substantive content search engines now prefer can establish deeper and longer-lasting customer connections. There’s the underdog effect too: a super-skilled technical SEO expert can even help you compete and beat big-budget rivals in terms of organic search presence and all the moneymaking benefits that brings.  In the heat of battle, a surprise KO announces that you’re a serious player in no uncertain terms.

2.  SEO supports local businesses

Not going to lie  ̶  Google isn’t Santa Claus and its monopoly and gargantuan size means it’s an entity that’s not easy to regulate, but apart from organic SEO in general levelling the marketing playing field for local and SME businesses, Google also provides an awesome free Google My Business listing to anyone that wants it. What’s more, if you’ve got the time to spare and can handle explainer vids presented by super-cheery Americans in bright clothing, you can learn all about SEO for gratis and grab a qualification at the Google Analytics Academy.

3.  SEO is (mostly) improving search relevance

Search engine algorithms are far from infallible, so you’ll occasionally get served up a turkey at the top of the organic results, but in general, Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex and others have worked hard over the years to ensure that you’re not reading web pages that look like they’ve been written by a drunk robot parrot. Sure, click through to some top articles and they won’t win any literary prizes, but most of them answer your main question fast, provide lots of relevant supplementary info, and the best are entertaining and engaging too.

4.  SEO prioritises quality content

There are certain ways to format your web pages so that search engines like them (including solid SEO content writing basics like meta titles and descriptions and H tags for starters) but for some time now, Google’s algorithm has prioritised content that evidences EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trust), which means that by writing great content that informs and inspired humans, you’ll help yourself rank highly too. This is another reason that digital content is a lot less painful to write and read than it was in the early days of the web and means that you (or your favourite freelance copywriter) can wax lyrical about everything that’s so mind-blowingly brilliant (or just plain helpful) about your business. And even if your offering is a bit tricky and technical, a good copywriter can turn it from snoresome to awesome.

5.  SEO is pretty clever

There are hundreds of billions of web pages on the internet, about everything from sock suspenders to fainting goats, so the way Google search algorithms sort through them using criteria like meaning, relevance freshness, authoritativeness – in less than the blink of an eye – is seriously impressive. And innovations like BERT mean that it’s starting to develop a sophisticated understanding of natural language patterns and context in order to reward deep, substantive content that addresses your main search query and lots of other connected questions. So high quality content that addresses search intent will rank well on Google because it addresses what people ‘mean’ as well as what they ‘say’. Another excellent reason to farm out your content and copy to a seasoned pro.

Unless you’re an SEO nerd or an industry insider, it’s unlikely that the fiddly and frustrating bits of SEO will ever float your boat as much as watching Biggie Smalls freestyle, but it’s still your friend if you want to punch above your weight online, connect with customers and drive conversions like sales (who wouldn’t, right?).

So SEO might not exactly be exciting, but what it can do for your business definitely is!

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